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sided coolers that's where they found hershey's kisses and melted ice. it helped them stay alive for 16 hours in the water, south of san felipe. now, seven americans are still missing. the fishing boat sunk within four minutes after a storm sunday morning. we spoke to a woman's husband who is still missing, donald. she said after he retired, donald looked forward to this trip every year. >> just thinking about not being with him is just awful. i have to hold on that there's hope. >> now, lee shared with us this video of a similar fishing trip
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her husband organized. today, divers will be looking for the passengers' passports and keys. many of them drove down there and are unable to get home. the coast guard says that there could still be survivers since that water is so warm. rescuers are moving south of the bay, a coast sal town, where the efforts were concentrated on monday -- a coastal town where the efforts were concentrated on monday. back to you. >> thank you. here is a list of the fishermen still missing. our time now, 7:036789 a family in los gatos -- 7:03. a family in los gatos dealing
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with a sudden death. now, three years ago this boy died from an undetected heart defect. on friday, his father crashed his vehicle. he died later at the hospital. alcohol was detected. they are testing to see if it was above the legal limit. last night, richmond city has moved one step closer to approving those i.d. cards which supporters would help the economy and would help homeless and other members of society. the new plan would allow anyone
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who has lived in rich month for 15 to 30 days to qualify for -- richmond for 15 to 30 days to qualify for the card. the city will be working with a vendor to distribute the i.d.s. some say this would add stress to this already cash-strapped city. others say it would give the opportunity to participate more fully in the city. >> the idea of a i.d. card allows people to have a bank account, so they don't have to be exploited by these check-cashing schemes. a lot 6 people don't understand if they don't have bank account, they are carrying cash on them. >> you are talking about thousands of people now joining the lines of thousands of people who need services who need education services, social -- social service, medical services. >> reporter: despite the debate
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the motion passed unanimously. it's set for a second reading. the city of san francisco already has an i.d. program and oakland's i.d. program is said to be up and moving very soon. back to you. >> thank you. 7:05. a conference on gang violence by east palo alto police. now, east palo alto is increasing efforts 20 control gang violence, especially after the fatal gang shooting of a 3- month-old baby. police recently went door to door going after gang members. today, local law enforcement agencies will be at that conference showing what they know about gang activity in particularly the two notorious gangs. east palo alto police will give us an update on how the efforts are going coming up at noontime. a dog in watsonville is being monitored for rabies now
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after byting a -- after bites a sheriff deputy. it's a golden retrevor mix -- golden retriever mix mix. the sheriff deputy who was bit received several stitches. this dog in the past bit another individual. 7:07. some bay area residents are showing their loyalty to local merchants with two new forms of currency in bernal heights. it's a dib bit card called the -- debit card called the bernal buck. the marin county town of fairfield issued a fairbuck. the two currencies join a couple of others nationwide.
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california is one step closer to providing 5 formal definition for a hot dog. a small paragraph stuck into a state health bill describes a hot dog that's skinless and stuffed in a casing and can be served on a bun or a roll. it is now scheduled for a vote in the state assembly. and this week in washington, d.c., house republicans will inpro-- will introduce a bill to cut -- to cut mass transit by one-third. 7:08. garbage is more valuable for the city of oakland. the port exports much of the resumed paper, plastic and scrap paper from northern california. that creates local jobs as well
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as tax revenue for the city of oakland. last year scrap metal was the port's biggest export by weight. theport estimates that waste paper exports created almost 900 jobs last year. well, the city of palo alto is considering charging residents to recycle and compost. right now both services are free. the city is considering closing the recycling center in the baylands. it's all part of an effort to balance the fund. the proposed recycling charges would make sure the people aren't paying more into the refuse fund than trash services usually cost. 7:09. we want to check in with sal and see how things are moving on the roads. good morning. as we look at the commute today.
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it's moderately heavy. we're having a pretty good day. but the golden gate bridge. look at the fog. in fact, it's so foggy there's water billing up on our lens. it's almost like a rainy day. put your headlights on in you are using the wipers. drive into san francisco and you will find outed sun is out. steve will be here in just a moment to tell us about the fog and what it means for the forecast. bay bridge, not foggy at all. backed up for about a five- minute delay. northbound 101 a little bit slow. 280 a little slow getting into downtown san jose. but for the most part we're okay. 17 santa cruz mountains. >> i just tweeted that. >> you did? >> yes. you might see tropical
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clouds rotating in the four corners. that's a by-product of some sierra nevada thunderstorm activity. the fog yesterday was way down here. way down here. temperatures in san francisco alone yesterday in the city alone at 4:00 range from 59 to 81. i mean, that's very rare to see that. you had the fog and then it was cool. there is a definite hint of a sea breeze. didn't have much to work with. there's still a cap on it. that's the tropical clouds right there. right there. kind of wrapping back around. just a band or two coming by. 60s for many. 52 officially in san francisco to 68 in livermore. if you commute in from the city, you will go from man,
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it's nice to man it's cold. winds are west-southwest 15. that's double what it was yesterday. i think that will crank up over the next 24 to 46 hours. you will get more -- 36 hours. you will get more of a pronounced system. the system churning in the gulf of alaska is on its way. the cooling begins today, already an increase in the fog and low clouds. we'll still have some 90s inland. low cloud, fog, drizzle. cool for some. but there -- but there is an onshore push. 86, napa, 78 vallejo. fairfield, 93. come through the caldecott,
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oakland, berkeley, 7s -- 76 degrees. there were huge differences in the forecast projections, as much as 10 degrees. i kind of split it. more fog, kieler on thursday an then the big cooldown for the weekend. 7:12. will president obama replace joe biden? there's new talk about who will -- about who the president will replace as vice president. and the duke and duchess will be visiting the rich and famous in l.a. this weekend. there's a reason why they will be spending time on skid row as well.
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good morning. temperatures will really drop according to those by the coast -- not according. i don't know where that came from. but you know what i mean. by the coast sand bay inland -- coast and the bay and inland. hot rumors around the white house. now, aides to president obama say joe biden is thinking about replacing -- say president obama is thinking about replacing joe biten. there's been speculation that he would be replaced with -- with andrew cuomo. president obama's'ss are saying here's nothing to -- president obama's aides are saying
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there's nothing to 9 rumors. scott macfarlane is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain how the cuts could affect transportation cuts here in the bay area. >> reporter: congress considering major cuts as to what it spent -- spents on transportation. the u.s. house committee expected to propose almost chopping in half what was expected to be spent. the chairman hinted these cuts were coming. >> i think what people are looking for is in our most congested areas that that
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doesn't -- that it doesn't burden the tax payer. >> reporter: in about 45 minutes we expect to hear reaction from this from senator boxer. she has a press conference in the capitol at 8:00 a.m. pacific time. back to you. >> thank you scott. well, the brentwood city council will reside -- will decide which housing programs will be fund. the downturn in the housing industry has meant a drop in the developers' fees to fund the programs. most of those -- most of those programs are created during the housing boom. international buyers are taking advantage of a weaker dollar and u.s. home prices that have fallen by 30% in the past two years. some of the most popular areas are florida, arizona and yes,
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california because with the good weather and the year-round attractions. we're now hearing more about the plans for prince william and his wife catherine during their visit this weekend. they are expected to arrive in southern california on friday. there they will meet with hollywood celebrities but they will also visit skid row in downtown agency. that's where they will go to inner city arts that provides lower income children with free classes. police in san anselmo are investigating several burglaries over the 4th of july weekend. computers and cash were taken from two medical offices at a building on greenfield avenue. the theft is believed to have occurred sometime between saturday afternoon and monday morning. police say wooden doors were kicked in and interior glass doors were found smashed. an estimated $10,000 of items were taken from the businesses. steele from the -- steel
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from the world trade center is being used all over the nation from the world trade center. airports, museums, they've been granted at least a piece of that steel. now, anyone that's interested in having a steel they had to prove first it would be used in a public display. the cost of that steel, believe it or not, free. however, organizers -- organizations have to pay for the cost. the court gave the government until the end of today to show that the drugs are absolutely necessary for jared loughner likely to make him economy tent to stand trial. [ applause ] in the meantime, look at this -- this is one of
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congresswoman giffords' aides. he was wounded on that day. made an emotional return back to work. he's gonna try to work part time. 65 years old. you see he's still limping there. he has limited feeling in his leg but he's back. and he looks really happy to be back. 7:20. there's a new jury trend in the works and men are the target audience. also, you better not be locked out. well, as opposed to being locked up. it's better that way. dominique strauss-kahn, that's what they faced when they were locked out of their apartment last night.
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the hotel maid involved in 9 strauss-kahn case is filing a lawsuit against "the new york post." the woman's lawyer claims the paper printed false and defamiliar tori information about his client -- defame tori information to sell information. the newspaper, "the post" says it stands by its reporting. he was once locked up in this new york apartment but last night, strauss-kahn and his wife ran into problems last night. strauss-kahn struggled with the key, even got help from one photographer and he was able to go back inside, giving the thumbs up there. we've all done that. >> yes. hey, sal, you have the key to the morning commute. what are you looking at right now? >> not a lot.
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>> oh, okay. there is a -- there is not a lot going on. the bay bridge toll plaza has become a lot more crowded but we don't have anything major. it looks like there could have been some sort of a stall on the bridge and we're checking on that. but traffic is looking pretty good. westbound 80 is going to be pretty good coming up to the richmond area and into el cerrito. this traffic might be an alternate for you. and the southbound golden gate traffic will be affected by this fog. you can see the fog is pretty thick. steve says -- steve says the fog is gonna hang around here for a while. >> how do we know that's the golden gate? i can't see it.
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>> i know. >> we have a lot of fog filling in. it's not making -- making too much of a push. just a little bit. we have fog bank that's much bigger today than yesterday. some tropical clouds kind of filter up from rotating around the high down off the sierra nevada. 52 to 68 in livermore. so there is a huge spread. 16 degrees on some 6 these temperatures. but anywhere near the coast will be noticably cooler. that system is heading toward the pacific north. that -- northwest. that will bump up the high. for those of -- forethose of you who are well inland, i think you will feel it more today. is pouring in er on thursday.
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about the not guilty verdict in the casey anthony trial. >> the attorney representing casey anthony's parents say they still have not talked to their daughter about the acquittal -- after the acquittal. >> still? >> uh-huh. the woman is a victim of a bizarre attack involving bleach and a glass bottle. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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the big effort to move the 49ers to santa clara is one step closer 20 becoming reality. kraig debro joins us live from santa clara are new developments in the 49er stadium plans. >> good morning. what the santa clara stadium authority is doing is getting ready for the day when they can put the first shovel in the ground. now, -- now, the 49er team headquarters is here. what they want to do is put the stadium over here across the
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street. legend premium sales does work for the new york yankees and the dallas cowboys will be paid around $6 million. the same group that will be selling personal seat licenses for the new stadium. the 49ers and other nfl players are being locked out. the owners did that because they wanted 20 get a new collective bargaining agreement because they say the one they have now is not making them
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enough money. the -- the move is not -- is not a deal done yet. san francisco has not given up on keeping them in san francisco. the nfl owners would also have to approve the move here in santa clara. okay. thank you. 7:31. san francisco police searching for a woman who threw bleach in the face of another woman, then hit her with a bottle -- bottle. this happened on connecticut avenue, she was driving a white four-door acura, the motive, they are not sure. that victim is expected to survive. we don't know -- we don't know the man's identity or how he
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died. 7:32. this morning, a sonoma state university student is expected to enter a plea for a fatal texting wall driving crash. police say 18-year-old kate lin dunnaway was texting when she drove through a rohnert park crosswalk, hitting and severely injuring the child and her mother. she i faces a year in jail if convicted. a suspected rapist who was videotaped by his leagued -- alleged victim is expected to enter a plea to court today. >> how did you get in here? this is cell phone video of doian -- this is cell phone valve of dion mcdaniel. he was arrested a week after this incident. police found him hiding out 234 a dog house in 11. he has 11 previous felony
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elections. 7:33. the family of the man whose body was found in the buena vista park wants to know if his sexuality could have been a reason for the killing. he went to a where on that sunday night. and his body was found burned beyond recognition. investigators say he was probably killed before that. police are still out there searching for suspects. a daly city man is on trial for child endanerment and abuse. he's accused of trying 20 teach his -- him a lesson. but he dropped the boy on the rack when the boy started
7:35 am
crawling. a baddy decomposed body pulled from a new york near indianapolis is not lauren spierer. that's the conclusion of a coroner's report released yesterday. the body was discovered on sunday and is believed to have been in the creek for weeks. 2-year-old speier has been leaving -- missing. -- has been missing since last night.
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governor brown has to decide if he will sign a law that would change what's in textbooks. this would include the lesbians, gay, transgender people to be put in books in california. california would be the -- would be the first state to be included in that. former san francisco mayor, gavin newsom, says it's time for his successor to philly announce whether his name will be on the ballot for november or not. some of ed lee's supporters are encouraging him to run. they've even opened a run, ed, run! campaign office. but lee would not prom police when he went over to fix up --
7:37 am
promised he would not -- promised he would not take over the position. all right. 7:37. hey, sal, are you helping the folks around the toll plaza now? >> yeah. we -- we are, dave. pardon me and tori, it's been a little bit crowded lately at the toll plaza. but we also have a crash in the east bay. a lot of people who eventually will end up on the bay bridge are going to be stuck in walnut creek and concord because of 5 crash, southbound 680 at north main. it's been -- manie, and it's been there for a little bit.
7:38 am
if you drive on 680 you will be in for slow traffic. this morning if you are driving on the commute, 37 is slow, so is 101 approaching 880. we have a lot more fog today. temperatures yesterday, some areas warmed up. some cooled down if you had the fog, you could be in the 50s. that's what happens in san francisco alone, 51 to 89, temperatures -- temperatures in the city. a lot more fog today. boy, is it ramped up in advance in the system that will be here starting likely more tomorrow
7:39 am
than friday. the warmer weather out in the valley is starting to show itself but still 60s force many or 50s. we have a what? 15, 0-degree spread for the temperatures lows. west-southwest at fairfield. that's double what it was. there are signs that the sea breeze is getting lowser. it still has another daying to. we'll go from 50s to upper 90s to 100. but the cooling trend begins for many of us. there is a lot more to deal with than yesterday. that's for sure. temperatures should really drop. once we get things going, today or tomorrow, then temperatures take a tumble pretty fast.
7:40 am
sop of -- some of that will hold onto that heat. onshore breeze is in place. so 60s, 70s, 80s around the bay. 60s, 70s and 80s, san mateo coast, pill, 82, red -- peninsula, 82, redwood city. more fog and a cooler pattern an then that will spread friday into the weekend. emotions are mixed over the not guilty verdict on the most serious charges handed 20 casey anthony in the death of her 2- year-old daughter. reporter jessica stone is live in orlando with the re-- with more on the reaction on why
7:41 am
casey anthony could go free today. i'm sorevy. jim spellman. >> reporter: a lot of shock and outrage at this verdict. i think what it's come down to is the high standard of reasonable doubt. what the state was not able to do was to provide a cause of death of little caylee or a time of death and during the opening remarks, where the defense put forward this alternate theory, little caylee died in a swimming accident and it was a misguided attempt to make it 7. they were not able to recover from that since they were able to not say this child was murdered or did not die in an accident. a lot of shock from that yesterday. i think as more people think about it, they are realizing what a high standard that is. it's really difficult to get that -- without the direct kind of physical evidence that people are used to seeing from tv shows it's hard to make it
7:42 am
out. tomorrow, casey anthony will be sentenced for the four counts of lying to the police. she could get up to a year for each of those. she can do a book deal or a film deal. in fact, we've just confirmed a company has offered 20 do a porn film with her. she could really profit and make a lot of money. 1, most likely tomorrow when see 1 she more than likely walks out of this courtroom. 7:42. where some california pta members created a ponzi scheme that brought in $14 million. and the school district that's accused of changing the test scores of 80% of its students. tar cuisine.
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the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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stocks are down a little bit. the u.s. service sector which employs nearly 90% of the company's work force expanded for a 19th consecutive month in june. but growth slowed from may, a sign the economy remains slow. if you want to get on an unlimited data plan from verizon, you will have to sign
7:46 am
up before midnight tonight. staming tomorrow, there will be separate levels of data plans that will cost between $10 and $80 a month. users who will other -- who go over their limit will be charged $10 per gigabyte. a tacoma, washington company is suing fort -- suing fort for software infringement. it says it holds the patent for those features. ford is not comment on the case. in less than an hour, we should know where the 2018 winter olympic games will be held. the three cities bidding for the games are moon nick, annecey and pea yong change, south korea. they are considered the front- runner after narrowly missing
7:47 am
out on the previous games. there's strong public support at home as well. a localdy -- delegation of ping-pong players will be at stanford for a special game. this is ed lee taking on the team during a welcoming city yesterday. the event is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of ping- pong diplomacy. that was the exchange of players between the u.s. and china back in 1971 that reopened relations between the two countries. 7:47. just a short time ago, jury selection started in the perjury trial of roger clemons. here's some new video. he's arriving in court, washington, d.c., surrounded by photographers. clemons is accused of lying 20 congress under oath about his suspected use of performance
7:48 am
enhancement drugs. a former trainer says he injected -- rejected the claim that he was injected with steroids. a resolution could have -- would have authorized american operations in libya for up to a year. however, senate republicans say they came back from recess to focus on death and budget issues. president obama has invited congressional leaders of both parties 20 come to the white house tomorrow to then those talks on raising the nation's debt limit. the president wants 5 long-term deal instead of a make-shift. 7:4. the new director of the international monetary fund,
7:49 am
christine law guard, just -- christine lagarde, just wrapped up her first press conference. she was appointed for a five- year term after the resignation of dominique strauss-kahn. previously, le guard was finance -- legarde maker of france. investigators claim three women claimed 20 victims they had exclusive rights to sell dairy products from disneyland to other retailers and promised returns up to 100%. detectives believe the women collected about $14 million and returned about $10 to investors. nearly four does atlanta schools cheated on standardized tests. investigators found teachers either helped students or changed answers after tests were tuned in. some students add mitted to the
7:50 am
teaching, saying there was a lot of pressure. >> i think the overall condition was targets became more learning on the bart of the children. and when the reaching targets became the goal, it was a goal that was pursued with no excuses. the result of the -- the results of the investigation are being forwarded to prosecutors. 7:50. the police search continues this morning to catch a thief. a pretty cold leaf -- bold thief. this happened at the wine stream gallery on geary street yesterday morning. police say the man stole an original picasso is drawing took it right off the wall and hopped in a taxi. the 1965 artwork is only about the size of a piece of paper
7:51 am
but it's value is at least $200,000. >> we at the gallery will take a look at our security measures because my goal is to bring san francisco at this level. >> police are checking surveillance video to see if it maybe was captured on camera. the suspect is described as a well-dressed white man believed to be in his 30s, about six feet tall. investigators haven't compounded the -- have impounded the tactsy that helped the suspect get away. a whistle-blower reported that lieuis cancel -- luis cancel -- is resigning. firefighters were calmed to
7:52 am
14th avenue near highland hospital yesterday around 2:30. no one was hurt in the fire. two wrappers inside a top floor apartment say any smelled smoke and helped get people out safely. 7:51. several vineyard workers fall sick on the job in napa. how this could be effected to efforts to get rid of an invasive test.
7:53 am
7:54 am
japan 'nuke power plants are set to undergo stress tests. it's in response -- in response to the march 11th, earthquake and tsunami which triggered a nuclear crisis at the fukushima plant. the plant has come under heavy criticism for its poor
7:55 am
preparations for natural disasters. all nuclear reactors will have to undergo safety tests. women were pruning a vineyard on big ranch road when they say they started sick. they went to the hospital, they brought the labels from chemicals used in a neighboring vineyard the night about. some other grape growers out there say pesticides are commonly used in that area. >> we're in a quarantine area. >> now, vineyard owners are required to report every chemical they use. the farm bureau is investigating the incident -- incident. san juan bautista is having a right over wild chickens in their community. many of the people who live in the town which is an hour south of san jose believe these
7:56 am
chickens are direct descendants of the ones brought here in 1769. others day the -- say the birds are dirty, noisy and they need to go. >> it's really loud, all night. and i had the misconception that others had, that they only do it at dawn. but they do it all night long. >> our chicken george is part of our ambience here. >> the town council gathered to bring 100 chickens. the council says it will take two weeks to reevaluate. >> which kind of begs the question, why the did the chicken -- >> sal knows. [ laughter ] this morning we've had a bad time.
7:57 am
6 0 is slow -- 680 is slow. big delays at the bay bridge. look at the tee lay, it's about -- delay. it's about 30 minutes there. and 280, 45 traffic moves well. caltrain son time. we do have more clouds and fog. some are trying to make a strong surge inland. there's a stronger sea breeze, cordelia, fairfield, it looks like things are shaking -- are shaping up for a full pattern. there is a lot more of it today. temperatures will be a little more uniform, coast and bay. already 71. livermore, 73. it doesn't matter how there. it will still be hot.
7:58 am
7:57. a new security warning about possible terrorist plans, the latest we're hearing about. and a search for a missing fishermen and a warning to crew members of the sunken boat before they set sail. an east bay city is line to be the next city to issue its own i.d. cards. we'll tell you where when "mornings on 2" continues.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, july 6th. well, new this morning, the -- new this morning, the u.s. is warning that terrorists may plant bombs in the bodies of suicide bombers to carry out the attacks. the government official says there's no specific threat or
8:01 am
plan they are tauing about but they warned the -- talking about but they warned the airlines about it. the tsa says the people who are traveling to the u.s. from overseas, they should expect extra screening at airports. 8:00. the search continues for seven missing fishermen off mexico's coast. >> reporter: we're now hearing reports that the captain of the sunk 7 vessel was never supposed to leave the dock because he didn't have insurance. there are questions being raised about why the boat sank. one fishermen is saying that after the wreck he heard mexican authorities had warned the skipper not to go out that day because offed whether 1 bad weather. now, 35 crew members and passengers were able to swim to shore or get rescued by the
8:02 am
mexican navy. when they reached in the cooler, they found hershey's kisses and melted ice and that helped keep them alive. the boat struck within four minutes after a sudden storm. minutes ago, we spoke to may lee and her husband, donald, is one of the seven still missing. she's holding out hope a she's still alive. so far her husband has been missing 72 hours. >> the time frame is over 90 hours when the both capsized. >> reporter: so you are still holding out hope that your husband would be -- could be alive because the officials say the water is still warm down there? >> yes. >> and the more they can go out and search the little high independent -- the little
8:03 am
islands, the more hope we can have of bringing them home safety. now, today a search team will be diving 200 feet down to the boat to look for survivers' passports and keys. many passengers drove down to mexico and are unable to get home. rescue teams are coordinatinger arts -- coordinating with others as well. last night, the richmond city council unanimously approved a plan for municipal i.d. cards. some say this will encourage undocumented workers to stay
8:04 am
234 richmond. christen calf ten is joining us live. he's in richmond now with all of 24. >> good morning. this was a topic that packed city hall here in richmond last night. now, the city of richmond has moved one step closer to formally approving those i.d. cards which they say would help the undocumented immigrants immigrate in the economy. the new plan would allow anyone who has lived in richmond for 15 to 30 days to apply for an immigration card regardless of their status. the police chief was wrong those supporting the plan. >> some idea that's based on credentials is better than no it's. so if we're dealing with an individual out in the community, that has at least some it's, that gives us a starting moment. >> reporter: now, supporters say the i.d. plam will help undocumented
8:05 am
immigrants and others of society to participate more fully in the city. 1 by allowing them to vote and opening up bank accounts. >> i know who i am. is check my traffic record. if you ain't here for 15 days and you are a richmond resident? the state says you have to be here for six months to be legally recognized as a student. >> it did pass. it's set for a second reading. supporters are confident it will pass the second reading. the city of san francisco already has its i.d. program in place and oakland is expected to unveil theirs as well. christen kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police say road
8:06 am
rage led to a stabbing. police say 34-year-old james estrada got into an argument with a man after they nearly crashed. estrada was arrested a short time later. the stabbing victim we maynes -- remains hospitalized. within the next hour, peg should have power for residents residents -- pg&e should have power for residents. the power should be back by 11:00 this morning. the problem blamed on the failure of an underground cable. this all started yesterday afternoon around 4:30.
8:07 am
this week, washington, d.c. will introduce a bill that would cut mass transit by almost a third. coming up at 8:30, we'll have a live report coming up about what this all means for transportation projects in the bay area. sparks from a car fire may have caused a grass fire near the altamont pass. the fire burned about 400 acres alongside interstate 580 southeast of tracy yesterday afternoon. the fire started about 5:30 and was fully contained by 8:30 last night. no structures were in danger. but some power lines were threat everyoned. in about two hours, facebook will reveal what mark zuckerburg has already called an awesome feature. it will be a tablet app for facebooked. and there are even a few reports that it will be some kind of music service.
8:08 am
the number of di d.a. d.a. dui arrests went up this 4th of july holiday weekend. but the number of alcohol- related traffic accident were the same as last year. the chp reports 251 people were arrested for drunk driving between friday night and midnight. that's up 8% from last year. there was one traffic death related 20 driving under the influence, just the same as last year. it is 8:07. we want to check in with sal castanedo to see what kind of slow problems on the -- slow problems are on the road. it's not been a good one. we have slow traffic on the been approach because of an -- on the bay bridge approach because of an earlier crash. it's beginning to loosen up. the metering lights were on extra slow for a while. now there is a big back up. 25 minutes at the toll plaza. san mateo traffic, there there is a delay because of a broken
8:09 am
down truck in the left lane. but westbound not really affected by that. let's stalk about controversy -- at controversy controversy county. on the nimitz freeway, stop and go traffic. as we look at the south bay, i think the slowest traffic is north of downtown getting up to cooper tino on 28 o let's go to steve -- 280. let's go to steve. for some there is a big fog bank that will slow you down. the cooler breeze is trying to establish itself. temperatures are running slightly warmer for some. but i think the sea breeze will win out. the fog, when it stacks up like that, it's rarin' to go. there's more of a southwest
8:10 am
breeze, 60s, to 90s. we'll have a 40-degree difference. high clouds coming up wrapping around the high pressure system which produced some -- which produced some thunderstorm activity over the sierra yesterday. the fog is out there. look at already, fairfield is 73. livermore is 71. 60s almost. concord is in the 70-degree range. low 60s. i think at this time yesterday, napa, san rafael all 58. they are 62. there's the fog. west-southwest fairfield they are trying to crank up that sea breeze. there is a west or southwest or northwest. once that system coming out of the gulf of alaska than inland areas will really start to feel it. but today if you have that onshore breeze it will stop.
8:11 am
it near 100 -- today, there will be plenty of locations that are cool to nice. others that are still too darned hot. a lot of 80s, 60s on the coast. or upper 50s. more fog on way along with a cooler pattern. by friday inland areas -- friday by inland areas will cool down. 8:10. overnight a cargo plane crashed 23450 a mountaintop in eastern afghanistan. witnesses say they saw a huge fire. nato says the plane that crashed did not belong to the u.s. for any other member of the coalition. the. >> crystal cathedral coach in orange county is deeing -- dean mying reports that the founder is -- a spokesperson says robert schuller is still board chairman. on sunday, his son said his was boarded -- voted off the board.
8:12 am
schuller started "hour of power". 8:11. you see it but it's hard to believe. an incredible sight in the sky. look at this. very rare. emergency calls from a southwest pilot, the tape just released after a hole rips open midnight.
8:13 am
you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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8:15 am
we have tropical clouds kind of rotating around. but there's also a big nothing bank out there. it will be warm to hot -- a big fog bank out there. it will be warm to hot. around the coast, 60s to 70s. all air travel in phoenix is back to normal following a massive dust storm that spent across nasdaq, arizona. it's actually called -- phoenix, arizona. it's actually called a haboob. the storm caused low visibility. that's why air travel was stopped. high winds knocked down tree and lest thousands without power. several communities were under a -- left thousands without
8:16 am
power. you? reports say congress may make big rut 1 cuts for funding for road repairs and other transportation projects. >> reporter: something serious to consider during your next drive. the u.s. house transporttation committee considering spending $500 on -- $500 billion on this. now, they will, it looks like be cutting that in half, to $ $50 billion. >> i think what people are looking for is sound transporttation that doesn't burden the tax payer. >> reporter: a formal announcement from the u.s.
8:17 am
house transportation committee expected sometime tomorrow. barbara boxer having a press conference of her own right now about transportation spending and cuts. ktvu cameras are there. we'll have it for you later today. live -- back to you. scott mack par lan -- macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. and breaking news. the international olympic committee is going to announce where the games will be be held -- will be held [ applause ]
8:18 am
[ applause ] the international olympic committee has the honor of anouning that the winter games in 2018 are awarded to the city of -- pea yong change! -- peaian -- pyongchang.
8:19 am
>> the winner games have only been held twice in asia. once in japan in 197 and before that, in -- 1977 and then in nagano. 8:18. the faa now releasing tapes of the emergency calls from a southwest airlines jet forced to make an emergency landing after a three-foot hole opened up in the cabin. this happened during a flight from phoenix on friday, april 1st. >> we're declearing an emergency. >> that plane made an emergency landing in uma, arizona -- yuma, arizona. further inspection found cracks in the plane an then at least 79 other planes were grounded
8:20 am
so they could be checked out. the faa now is requiring airlines inspect their planes more often. it is 8:19. mere than 1400 california state employees were paid more than 200,000 last year. that's according to the state controller's office. 790 of those were doctors, dentists or nurses at state prisons. total commune says can be pushed higher for unused vacation or and -- vacation and sick time. a dentist got $599,000. in contrast, governor brown is paid $173,000 per year. 8:20. we've got a medical update on the oakland minister famous for predicting the end of the world. where he is now after having a major medical care. a
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. :23. the bay area radio minister famed for price deschick -- predictions for predicting the end of the world is now in a nursing home. i had a -- he had a strong last
8:24 am
month. his radio program has been broadcasting him. we still don't know if the show will return with a new host. 8:23. last night's loss to the padres was especially painful for three giants' fans injured by a wayward bat. pablo sandoval stepped up to the plate, he took a swing, the bat slipped out of his hands, sailed into the stands, bounced off the dugout and hit three fans. it's just a reminder you really need to pay attention especially if you are sitting close. >> and you see how incredibly lucy everyone is. sal, we've had wild commute this morning. >> it's been tough. the bay bridge has really been
8:25 am
slow but now it looks like the san mateo bridge has some thick and slow traffic. so trying to get across the bay is a challenge. golden gate bridge has the fog to contend with. southern marin in san francisco as well. and there is a backup at the richmond bridge. this morning, i'm afraid we're not doing that great and for the rest of the commute we have can another -- we have another updates. here's steve. for some, it will be warm to hot. temperatures yesterday in san francisco, anywhere from 59 to 81 degrees. you just don't see that very often. some of that fog was so shallow, it doesn't make much of an impact. look at the big difference in the temperatures already for some inland areas, already in the low 70s closer to the coast around the bay, 50s and 60s. there's the fog. you can see it. 15 at travis. temperatures are running two degrees warmer. even though the sea breeze has
8:26 am
doubled, there's some weirdness going on out there. the fog when it starts to thicken up out there, it means it's ready to go. there will be two systems. i still think there will be -- it will be hot for some. 60s and 70s closer to the coast and the bay. temperatures, i would think they would top out on monday and tuesday. we'll start to see the cooler weather move in and then we'll start to move it in toward the end of the week. reaction pouring in after that not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. the question now is will she serve any extra time. coming up at 8:35, we'll have a live report with the very latest developments from orlando, florida. tragedy strikes a bay area
8:27 am
family again. three years ago, one family member died and now the family is coping again. >> reporter: the first shovel hasn't even gone into the ground but already the santa clara stadium authority has put a process in place to hire those who will do the bigging -- digging. and is the future of oakland in the dump? the recent -- the recent garbage may be the key to boost oakland's economy.
8:28 am
8:29 am
the -- the plan to build a stadium in santa clara cleared another big hurdle. kraig debro is live where some key elements were just approve
8:30 am
9 last night. >> reporter: a lot of football- related work going on. look behind me at the 49er headquarters here in santa clara. players are locked out but it sure looks like a lot of the personnel are still working here. last night the stadium short, they did some work as well. 1 taking actions for the next phase toward building the new state yum. the training facility. the authority approved 5 sales marketing agency. the name of the agency is called legends premiums sales and they will manage and sell stadium builders licenses. the company does work for the yankees and kois but on this project three will be paid $6
8:31 am
million. the same group will be sold cols. they will go on sale if everything goes according to schedule for that new stayed -- stadium in january. the players are locked out of the training facilities. the owners locked out the players in order to get a new collect i.v. bargaining agreement. the owners complain the current agreement does not pay them enough money. the 49ers pledged to pay half the cost of the new santa clara stadium. the move is not a done deal. san francisco still wants the seam too -- team to play in san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco police investigating an early-morning car fire that spread to a garage. now, this started just before 2:00 this morning at a three- story building on francisco
8:32 am
street. 2 took about 30 minutes to get it under control. luckily, flo one was hurt. 8:3 -- 8:31. a family -- a family in los gatos is once again dealing with a sudden death. three years ago 17-year-old michael halpin collapsed at school and died from an undetected -- detected heart deeffect. and it's reported that his father ash -- it's reported that his father crashed his motorcycle. he was laken -- taken to the hospital hospital and later died. the officer smelled alcohol. investigators are checking to see if his blood is above the legal limit. east little po -- east palo alto police is curbing violence from gangs. they conducted door to door sweeps. today, lowell law enforcement
8:33 am
answers will share what they know about the two gangs in question. more at noon. a dog in watsonville is being monitored for rabies after biting a sheriff's deputy. the golden retriever mix named red is being quarantined shelter base it did not have identification. the dog previously bit a santa cruz police officer. 8:33. some bay area residents are showing their loyalty to local businesses with two new kinds of currency. in bernal heights, it's called a debit card called the bernal bick. for every $5 spent, this card earns. now, the marin county out of
8:34 am
fairfax also issued fairbuck coins. in recent weeks they were worth about $34 each. they can be used at 30 local stores. came is one step closer to defining the hot dog -- the hot dog. its. the hot dog is defined as a whole, cured, cooked sausage. it can be serve 9 on a bun -- bun or a roll. now the staff director says the hot dog's definition was requested so they can update the -- update the -- update the california code to be consistent with state rexlations. this is scheduled for a vote in the state assembly. garbage is more valuable for the city of oakland. the port of oakland exsports, much of the recycled paper, plastic and scrap metal -- medal from northern california
8:35 am
to nevada. last year's scrap metal, the biggest by weight. but west paper was also a winner, $324 million. the port also estimates that waste paper exports created almost 900 jobs last year. 8:35. sal we're really making you work today to get everybody where they need to go. we're gonna start off with the traffic in the south bay? the 280 is improving. i want to move the map up to contra costa county. look at the road sensors on 680. this is because of a crash clearing, 680 southbound and north --ed a north band.
8:36 am
let's go to the toll plaza. it's not a great commute into the city. and san mateo bridge, that traffic is heavy eastbound bound. 8:35, let's go to steve. a lot more fog on the coast today. temperatures inland, it will be another hot day but there's plenty of fog out there. yesterday it was underneath the golden gate. things will start to cool down here but in case you missed it. the massive dust storm started in tucson and went across arizona and ended up in phoenix. radar picked up some of the heights of the dust storm of,000 to 10,000 feet. the airport shut down for a few minutes. 10,000 customers were without power. it moved at about 30 miles an
8:37 am
hour. it's part of their monsoonal season. for us, we're thicking -- we're picking up more of a westerly breeze. some of that cooler weather yesterday was very, very limited. but i think there will be more of a showing today. as high pressure still, large and in charge, if you are not on the coast. it's there. higher clouds also coming up tropical clouds coming wrapping around the high. moving from the southern sierra have produced the high clouds. low crowds, fog and a westerly breeze. yes -- yet it doesn't amount to anyone. 50s and 60s. you ke soot fog there but main not making much of a push inland. maybe along the marin snow ya coast. there are areas where the wind is slowing -- showing more of a
8:38 am
westerly breeze. you can see the thunderstorms popping up. right there. that was yesterday when he collapsed. rotating around that is some of that cloud cover. some of that may filter in, especially for the south bay. we had some this morning. that low right there spin out of the gulf of alaska will deepen. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. os for many. but still some muper 90s. still, very, very hot. brentwood, oakley, antioch, but i think there will be 5 sea breeze out there. 84 san jose, to 95 gilroy. 84 wood side, half moon bay, 62. a good 35, 40-degree difference. things will level out before we head out to the end of the week. tomorrow in florida, saycy anthony will be sentenced for
8:39 am
four counts of providing false information to police. all of this comes after a jury found her not guilty in the murder of her 2-year-old czar dale lee. jessica stone is standing by in orlando with reaction to all of this. >> reporter: good morning. the right action starting on the morning show. shocked. we heard from the alternate juror in more -- in more detail. let's like a -- let's take a look at the verdict, because after so many twists and turns in the case, we still got another surprise. nerves gave way to tears as tiffany anthony heard this -- >> we the jury find the defendant north, not guilty, not guilty. >> reporter: the jury decided she's a liar but not a quitter.
8:40 am
she was convicted of lying to place. casey's parents rushing -- rushing out of the courtroom. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple -- simple. this is a lesson to those of you who have been a -- who have been involved for three years. >> this is a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove. >> after an 11th hour deliberation, the jury was -- >> the prosecution didn't meet the bumpedden of proof. we had a lot of -- button of proof. we had a lot -- burden of proof
8:41 am
there. >> reporter: right back here in the morning, casey anthony, we'll see if the yum gives her some kine of leniency. -- leniency. there is a potential that he could walk her out that courtroom tomorrow morning. >> any increased security set for tomorrow? >> reporter: none that we're aware of. we're certainly not seeing people around the courthouse, nothing like yesterday, when et people -- when the people shot the "no justice." -- "no justice". investigators in a phone- hacking scandal are talking 3 a well-known movie star. and gavin newsom is not shaying whether he should or shouldn't. but he does -- but he does have a strong opinion about what et lee is saying about a run for
8:42 am
office in san francisco.
8:43 am
8:44 am
numbers have turned around on wall street, thanks to some semipositive news from the u.s. economy service sector. even though the pace remains
8:45 am
sluggish, moment head steady last month. right now, the dow is up 3. the nasdaq is up 4. s&p is up 1. it was a strong opening for netflix stock today trading for the los gatos based company after the -- ar the video service company announced it will expand service to 43 countries -- countries in latin america and the caribbean. right now, the stock has dropped down to 288. netflix already has more than 23 million subscribers in the u.s. and canada. let's brick you up to date -- bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're fooling right now. planes went to the sea of cortez hoping to find those missing mish -- fishermen. but the coast guard says because the water is so warm out there, there's more of a
8:46 am
chance finding survivors. also, last night, the richmond city council unanimously approved a plan for moon is pam i.d. cards. critics say this will encourage undocumented workers to say -- to stay. also, anthony battwill talk about plans to reorganize the department. he says the department needs to be reshuffled because budget cuts have left them short. the criminal division investigation will last be adjusted to focus more on violent crimes. but critics i are saying that means 2450 that screams like burglaries and theft -- that means crimes like burglaries
8:47 am
and theft as well. the family of the man whose body was found burned in san francisco's buena vista's park wants to know if his sexuality could have been a motive in the killing. the family says freddie went to a gay bar in the castro on june 9th. firefighters found his body in buena vista. his boughtby 1dy was burned -- his body was bushed -- burned beyond recognition. police in san anselmo were stolen from two medical offices on greenfield avenue. they believe it stopped -- happened sometime between saturday afternoon and monday morning. wooden doors were kicked in. interior doors were classed -- were smashed. this estimates that 10,000 6
8:48 am
these items were taken. gregory kolver is accused of trying 20 teach his son a lessen about the hot stove. he dropped the little boy on the rack when the child started screaming. the mr. will call for the boy had turned on the oven and was put in there yesterday. the body of 5 vehicle near independent an police is not that of lauren spear. the body is found sunday 679 it's believed to have been in the body for two weeks. ms. spear has been mincing since last month.
8:49 am
-- there's word that dr. hugh grant has been called, this has to do with the hacking into a global phone who was previously found -- hacking into a global phone. now, a woman suing dominique strauss-kahn says the woman just allowed as a prostitute at the sofitel hotel. that's the hotel where the woman was allegely attack by dom me neek crews pattern.
8:50 am
dam d.a. well, he was once locked up in the apartment. but last night dominique strauss an his wife, look at them, he had trouble getting back in. they ran into trouble with that p front door, after goingst having a into on the son. -- they ran into that trouble with that front door. there are rumors that president obama may be thinking about replacing biden with andrew cuomo. there's speculation that if that happened, biden would replace hillary clinton who has said she's not interested in serving another turn in the
8:51 am
roll. but again, they say there's nothing to the rumors. one of gab brie -- gift' aides made an emotional -- gabrielle gabrielle giffords' a.i.d.s. made an emotional return to work. he was shot in his his cheek and left eye and still only has limited feeling 234 his leg. gavin newsom says it's time for his successor to see died -- to decide if his name will be on on -- will be on the ballot. but the mayor said he would not run after he finished up gayer -- gavin newsom's cam -- campaigns. these are called
8:52 am
mangagement swings. >> when he is out with his friends there's nothing that says he's taken and that he's mine. the p jewelers say more of these these -- the jewelers say more and more of these rings are being purchased. drunk puppy buying? what one puppy store says they are doing to prevent theft. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
8:53 am
♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're learning that a somali militant linked to al qaeda was held and interrogated for two months on a u.s. navy ship. it's the first publicly known example of the obama administration to tainting a new terrorism suspect. the man has now been turned over to the fbi. the commission that's in pakistan that's investigating the u.s. raid that has killed osama bin laden has told the pakistani government not to allow bin laden's individuals
8:56 am
to leave. it was reported na one of bin laden's wives would be sent to yemen. >> jerry brown must decide if he will sign a law that would change what is in california checks books. state lawmakers would include a bill that would include the gay, lesbian and transgender communities. california would be the first state to require that although -- would be required, even though it's unclear how the material will be included in textbooks. alameda county will soon offer more help to nonenspin spoking bidders. the justice department claimed the -- claimed the county ty did not translate enough ballots. the county has reached a settlement but it still needs
8:57 am
to be approved by the district court. we're learning details about the plans for prince william and his wife during their u.s. visit. the royal couple of will be arriving in friday. they will be meeting with hold celebrities and will last visit the inner city art schools -- inner city art school. it provides is -- inner city art school. one puppy store is telling people who come in intoxicated to buy a pet are asked to come back the next day. this is to prevent puppies from ending up in the wrong hands. all right. sal, what are you sighing out there? >> we have sobering news on 680. that commute, that crash has
8:58 am
still not clearing on 680 southbound. there's another wreck. 680 southbound at north main. let's go to steve. still sunny, 60s, 70s, a lot 6 clouds to the coast. it looks like the cooling trend will start to kick in on thursday, even well inland on friday. >> ready for that. it's been hot. >> thanks for watching, everybody. hope have you a nice day. bye now.
8:59 am

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